Elite Talent Football Academy

DB Training

The Defensive back has become ever more important in today’s game. Learn how to use great technique, read routes, and understand concepts of each coverage. All our DB’s can play press man coverage along with off-man coverage and play all zone... More

WR/RB Training

Learn how to play running back and wide receiver. Learn the importance of being a complete back in today’s new systems. Learn how to cut better, block better and be a deadly receiver in passing situations. Wide Receiver has become more important... More

QB Training

Quarterback Training the jewel of every offense. We teach mechanics and delivery to our QB’s. We also compete in 7 on 7 and 1 on 1 settings to give them a feel of where ball should be delivered. Our QB’s understand the strengths and weaknesses of... More

LB Training

Linebacker training the tough guys on defense. We teach the importance of good stance and proper angles. We focus on being quick to the ball and having excellent reaction time. All our linebackers can over in 1 on 1 situations and understand their... More