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Football is Like Society

Football is like life. It is just a Microsim of what society is. You have your Alpha males your rich and Famous, you have your All-Stars the Hall of Famers. Every problem in society we have plays out right in front of us in Football. And We love... More

Always trust your gut

Always trust your gut. #BeElite #eliteDBU #EliteTalentfb Schedule a Trial Session Sunday or Book Consultation Click Here to Register More

A Must Have Book

If you did not know it, I am a avid book reader. I love to read books that inspire, encourage and help me to accomplish my goals. In all my reading a partner and myself have written a book that I am sure anyone looking to have success on the field... More

First Openly Gay Athlete Gets Drafted

Should we Embrace the first openly Gay Athlete? Football is the most macho, male dominant sport in the world. This environment will forever be changed with the first openly Gay Athlete Michael Sam coming into the league. I believe truthfully most... More


This has been a long discussion about the game I love. I meet new parents all the time and more often then any point in my life. The discussion about is “I’m not letting my kids play football, because the sport is too dangerous.” I have played... More

6 Reasons Athletes go broke

The 6 Main Reasons Why Most Pro Athletes Go Broke! 1. Bad Investments 2. Frivolous Spending 3. Misplaced Trust 4. Entourage 5. Children 6. Drugs This is becoming a huge issue with athletes. Sources state that 250 young men were drafted in the... More


When Are Leaders Developed? When coaches demand perfection of players and send them back to do it right, leaders emerge and assist with telling their peers to push through and do it right. Practice hard and daily. If you want to be good and ready,... More

What To Eat Before A Football Game?

Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient you can consume to provide energy before a football game. Common carbohydrate foods include pasta, potatoes, cereals and bagels. Electrolyte replacement sports drinks and specially designed energy bars... More


Fifteen football players and counting have been suspended in 2013 for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy or taking PEDs without so much as a headline. While deceitful baseball players are being crucified on the righteous cross, America’s... More

DB Training

The Defensive back has become ever more important in today’s game. Learn how to use great technique, read routes, and understand concepts of each coverage. All our DB’s can play press man coverage along with off-man coverage and play all zone... More