Elite Program

  • Improves Athletes

    Helps improve athlete's position specific performance through tailored drills on the field. Prepares athletes for combine training to gain national exposure.

  • Educates Athletes

    Teaches athletes how to answer interview questions and use social media. Offers athletes SAT/ACT training courses and test prep help.

  • Film Instructions

    Instructs athletes on how to properly watch and learn from film.

  • Character Building

    Builds character and responsibility through community service event (once a month)

  • Recruiting Assistance

    Assists athletes in the recruiting process in order to obtain college scholarship!

Elite Talent Football Academy

Elite Team

Title Name
CEO/President Derrick Tatum
WR/RB Coach Ernest Sims
Executive Director June O'neill

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  • Derrick Tatum is one of the best trainers our game has seen in generations and he is only getting started - Michael Garcia
  • Don't get me started on how good Elite Talent can train and empower athletes of all positions. Best in the biz by a long shot. - Greg Matthews
  • He trained one my players that I thought probably would be a JV player but now he is a Varsity Starter and is one of the best players on the team. WOW is what I said! I'm a Believer! I wished he trained more of my players. - Local High School Coach
  • We have recruited and offered scholarships to a number of kids Derrick has trained. He is a True professional and one of the best trainers in the Nation on any Level. - College Recruiting Coordinator
  • When we began training with Derrick I immediately recognized his dedication and passion for what he does. What an amazing individual! We are thoroughly impressed with the progress or son has made under Derrick's guidance and look forward to what the future holds. - Mr. & Mrs Walker
  • Our first time working with Coach Tatum was pleasurable and we definitely look forward to working with him again. - Shemika Weaver
  • He pushes kids out of their comfort zone and gets maximum results from his players. Derrick has trained my son for about 6 months and the results are real. - Gary Lisa
  • It has been through the Grace of God and the coaching techniques of Coach Tatum that the development of my son's skills have reached new levels. I am extremely pleased and would recommend Coach Tatum to anyone. - Antonio Miller
  • My son went from being a avg. athlete to one of the best in the state of Ga. and i can't thank him enough. - Mr. Monday

Elite Talent Football Academy

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